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$56 for a CD?

By June 19, 2004Uncategorized

I went to play music with my friend Ched last week. He’s got a little club in Slidell, which is a suburb of New Orleans (about 30 miles out of the city). After everyone left he locked up and we sat in the bar area playing guitar and talking. He started playing this song that I’d sort of heard of. He didn’t know the name, but the key words in the song were ‘Magnet & Steel.’ He wanted to show me a harmony part but it was late so I told him not to worry about it; I’d just get the song online and then learn it.

So a quick Google search for ‘magnet and steel lyrics’ pulled up the song lyrics and the name of the artist, Walter Egan. Apparently, Walter Egan was a musician friend of Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac fame) and he recorded this album called ‘Not Shy’ and that’s where the song ‘Magnet & Steel’ appeared. I couldn’t find the album or the song on iTunes. So I checked Amazon and it appears that the CD is out of print, but there were some used ones selling for $99 and up. Yes, that’s right, ninety-nine smackeroos. For the cheapest one. One copy was selling for $150.00.

I just checked eBay and there is one copy of the CD that is currently up to $56, with one day left on the bidding. Apparently, that’s a great price. Still, for some strange reason I’m sort of reluctant to enter the bidding. After all, I just want to get a copy of one song.

So I guess my question is: if this out of print CD is so popular and sought after maybe the record company should re-release it. Assuming all the record companies’ executives aren’t too busy figuring out how to get into their lifeboats.

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