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For Über-techies only

By April 9, 2005web-tech

One of the reasons I got an Apple computer was my recurrent fantasy of learning more about Unix, which is at the core of the OS X operating system.  I did some exploration when I first got my Powerbook, but I realize now I’m not obssessed enough to really pursue this. Bottom line: I’m not a hard-core techie.   In any event, the really hard-core techies gravitate towards Linux, and not just for computers.  The A-list geeks learn Linux and then try to install it in every form of device they encounter.  At TechShow I learned about this extreme Linux-installation challenge, which is way beyond my paltry abilities. 

My goal now is to learn to make the Perfect Bloody Mary.  It’s easier and makes a lot more sense.  At least to me.

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