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Following Sarah Palin

By October 2, 2008Humor

Tonight’s debate should be entertaining even if it promises to be uninformative. The pundits are boiling over with all manner of speculation, such as: Will Joe Biden come across as too overbearing? Will Sarah Palin commit any gaffes? Will the looming financial collapse play a factor in the debate?

My big question is this: will Sarah Palin be doing live updates to her Twitter page during the actual debate? Given her spunk, I’d bet that she will.

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  • Discussted says:

    Sarah Palin displayed warmth and charisma during the debates, and I, a Colorado native (and swing voter) am proud. The leftest illuminati don’t know what is going to hit them!

  • Nick Derosi says:

    This blog post just got me addicted to Twitter. Vote Republican!

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