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Exemplaris – new service by Real Legal that’s an example of something…

By July 19, 2004websites

The folks at RealLegal (makers of E-Transcript and other products) are advertising a new service called Exemplaris. The tagline in the print ad in Law Technology News says “There’s a better way to know happened in the courtroom. Instantly download the full transcript from”

Well, I fired up my browser and ack, they don’t support Netscape browsers. Well, I was using my the Safari browser on my Mac (which is perceived to be a ‘Netscape browser’ by most sites). So I dusted off my Internet Explorer browser and pointed it at the Exemplaris URL and it loaded the page, but not correctly. Obviously they don’ t like Macs at all (and with only 3% of the market share you might understand why). And I guess they kind of prefer the Internet Explorer browser too (maybe their site works with Netscape when it’s used on a PC).

Okay. Well, actually not okay. I think that’s weird, and –frankly– unacceptable.

If your commercial website can’t support all major browsers then something is wrong, either with you or with the whole concept of a ‘World Wide Web.’ Either way, I’m not going to bother to learn more about Exemplaris. It’s not worth my trouble. But speaking of ‘trouble’ how much trouble would it be to make their site compatible with all major browsers and with the Mac OS? What kind of signal does that send to potential customers that they aren’t really all that motivated to make their website accessible by as many Internet surfers as possible? Hey, make up your own mind. I’m just asking some obvious questions.

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