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Exaggerated Looting Tales

By September 23, 2005Uncategorized

A friend of mine sent me this interesting letter to the Dallas Morning News from a hotel owner in New Orleans.

"As owners for the new, 331-room Marriott Hotel across from the New Orleans Convention Center, my partner and I had the unenviable task of touring it with armed National Guard escorts shortly after Katrina hit.

Having heard about looters and shooters, I was scared to death. I’m pleased to report that my fears were unjustified. Sure, people kicked in doors, but only to get a dry place to stay and something to eat and drink – pretty much what I suspect I would do.
Personally, I am glad our guests ate, drank and got some comfort. I hope it eased their pain.

From my experience, media coverage of looting was widely exaggerated. For the most part, these were good people caught up in an inescapable disaster and suffering inhumane conditions, not mobs bent on destruction.
I ask for your help in clearing their reputation. And I invite you to visit our fine city soon."

D. Randolph Waesche, New Orleans

Just another perspective on a convoluted situation.  I’m sure there are many perspectives but it’s nice to have one that is positive.

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