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Ernie’s Voice – Katrina Update Moblog #4

By August 30, 2005Uncategorized

Ernie has teamed up with some neighbors and friends to evacuate within the hour. He ran around between his house and his dad’s condo today. He spoke with some neighbors that had RETURNED (does anyone other than me wonder "what were they thinking!?") to their homes yesterday and felt confident that they could get back out based on the route they took in. Good to hear. He also spoke with a keeper at the zoo near his house who reported that the animals and staff were fine at this time. Ernie’s evacuation team is being lead by one burly-sounding gent named Bo. Bo has a F250 and runs shipyards. We feel good about this. We’re confident that this Bo, knows.

Not sure where they are headed exactly, just out of town and to a hotel or to a city with functioning airports. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear.    ~ R.S.

FYI: I have found these are good sites for getting local info as opposed to the national news stations: and (click on the "Forums > Local" section for specific neighborhood and "Forum > News > Flood Alert" for general flooding info). Sadly, the LA State website and LA State Police website offer little current info. Grrrrrrr.

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