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Ernie’s Voice – Katrina Update Moblog #3

By August 30, 2005Uncategorized

Well, I’m sure you will agree that the voice of Ernie is better than no Ernie at all. Let me introduce myself as Ernie has asked me to blog for him until he can connect again. He feels very strongly about keeping all his friends, family and readers abreast of whats going on and especially to let you all know that he’s OK. My name is Raya – Raya Sunshine – as in, that’s what I hope to be. I have never aspired to be a blogger (and likely after this we will all know why) so I’ll do my best to pass information along.

It’s day two and they’re still doing OK. They  have some generator power that is helped keep gadgets charged and a small lamp provided some light last night. They have a radio that’s keeping them somewhat informed. Ernie found it particularly funny that an advert came on letting listeners know just who to call to report "power outages" – but he wondered who to call to report a a power "innage" – should there be one. We laughed at the likelihood of that.

NEWSFLASH: Making a break for it. At this point he is looking to escape the city – we are working in concert with state hotlines (if we can get thru), the news, the Internet and The Only Vincent to see if we can work him out of there somehow. Most roads are closed, water is rising and it’s just getting uglier. If anyone can comment on open roads, known (and safe) escape routes throughout the NW side of the city, please post asap. Helicopter anyone?

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  • Vickie Sander says:

    Hi, we are looking for Ernie, can youcomment on where he is now? please email us back or phone 716-438-2942. I’mthe sister of Sandy Chaplin, one ofErnies first girlfriends.

  • Des Paroz says:

    I visited New Orleans last October, and loved the place. It was obvious to me how delicately balanced the city was, and my heart really goes out to you and the people of the city.

    The human spirit is amazing, and I look forward to one day visiting your city again, and seeing the resilience of humanity.

    I feel for those that have lost family and friends.

    Good luck.

  • Lin says:

    I swear, if I had a flat-bottomed boat and good upper body strength,I’d be headed down there to help you.

    Ditto what Grace said.


  • GraceD says:

    My God! This is madness! Please stay safe, everyone!

    With solidarity and understanding from Earthquake Country,GraceSanta Cruz, California

  • Elizabeth Derbes says:

    Has Ernie left yet? If not, is he on Henry Clay? If so,could you tell him this is Elizabeth Derbes (I know Ernie through GregGrimsal) and if he gets a chance could he pleasego by 1033 Henry Clay at Coliseum and see whether my dad is there?We heard yesterday that the house is fine but have not been able to reachhim since then. He may be at Touro but would be nice to hear some word.How are the water levels on Henry Clay?Thanks

  • Brian says:


    Only way out of New Orleans is West

    The only way people can leave the city of New Orleans is to get on Crescent City Connection, head to the West Bank and take Highway 90 to Interstate 310 or I-10 on to Lafayette, authorities said this morning.

    Interstate-10 eastbound, toward Slidell and the Gulf Coast, can’t be traveled. Several sections of the Twin Spans have washed away and other sections of the bridge are structurally unsound.

    The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway has been opened to police, fire and other emergency vehicles after an initial inspection concluded the 24-mile long bridge was sound, WWL Radio reported this morning.

    No other vehicles will be allowed on the bridge; and access to St. Tammany Parish remains restricted. The condition of U.S. Highway 11 across the Lake is not known.

  • sdbwm says:

    Bless all of you. The world is watching and ready to help.

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