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Here’s my story…

For 18 years practiced law in a big firm with fancy offices on the 40th floor of a downtown building.

(Think: high overhead📈)

​My firm handled complex business cases with well-paid paralegals organizing many boxes of documents.

Tech Revelation

One day, I discovered that I could scan paper into a computer.

That meant I could put the equivalent of hundreds of boxes of paper into my 2-pound laptop.

This completely blew my mind. 🤯

Not long after that, I said goodbye to the paralegals and goodbye to my big firm.

I  started a solo practice powered by paperless automation. It was low-friction, low-overhead, and highly satisfying.

Helping Others

Other lawyers wanted me to help them do the same, so I did.

That led to opportunities to speak to national lawyer groups, write articles and appear on podcasts.

The ABA asked me to write a book about paperless law practice. And then, they gave me their Solo and Small Firm Trainer Award.


My greatest satisfaction came from seeing lawyers I helped experience the same joy I felt in my solo practice…

They had accomplished something they never thought was possible. So, what about you?

If you want to improve your practice, start with my Working Smarter course.

It’s a battle-tested compendium of my top recommendations, and it takes less than 2 hours to complete.😉

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