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Ernie the Attorney bought by the Times Picayune?

By November 29, 2006Uncategorized

This USA Today article asks the provocative question: what would techies do to help the flagging newspaper industry?  The author says that "newspapers desperately need some out-of-the-box reinventing."   So WWTD?  Well, a fellow named Alan Warms is quoted as suggesting that "maybe The Times-Picayune in New Orleans should buy the blog "Ernie the Attorney: Law and Technology Observations From a Lawyer Living and Practicing in Post-Katrina New Orleans."

Wow!  Thanks for the kind (and somewhat over-the-top) shout out, Alan. He also suggested that "the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle in Cheyenne should buy ‘I Bet After Sex He Smokes a Ham,’  which is a blog by "a gay artist living in rural Wyoming."  The author of the article suggested that "tech folks don’t really have any radical, interesting ideas for newspapers."

Gee, I don’t know.  Those ideas sound pretty radical to me.  Not so much viable, but definitely radical.

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  • Belated comment —

    For the record – I didn’t actually suggest that to Kevin — I did tell him I thought newspapers should buy as much online media as possible and he extrapolated that to those ideas — the way the article was edited it appeared as my quote.

    In any case I do like your blog — keep it up!

  • R R says:

    How about all of Nagin’s Radical ideas that are turning this city around? Now those are Radical!

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