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Enlighten me, but make it quick!

By January 18, 2010websites

Most speeches are too long, which is a shame because almost every speech has some useful information. So what if you created a program that lets people present a bunch of short talks?  

How short?  

5 minutes. Period.  No more, no less.  If you want to use Powerpoint, that's cool.  But, with this ironclad rule: 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. Period.  No more, no less.

This type of program is called 'Ignite,' and it was started in Seattle in 2006 by two geeks who wanted to create a highly charged speaking experience.  It worked big time.  And as a result 'Ignite' communities have started cropping up all over the world.  New Orleans now has an Ignite program (called IgniteNOLA), and the first event is scheduled for two weeks from now: Monday, February 1st from 8 to 10 pm (cocktail reception starts at 7pm, if you want to get there early).  

The speakers have all been selected, and so everything is set.  If you want to attend, it's free.  But you'll probably want to RSVP to assure yourself a spot at what is sure to be an lively and fascinating evening. The fun will take place at the Roosevelt Hotel (formerly known as 'The Fairmont') in downtown New Orleans.  So RSVP, and then be sure to tell your friends.  Trust me, this is not going to be like any other speaking event you've been to before.

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  • John S says:

    I love this idea. I’m a visual learner, and after 5 minutes I’m not able to follow what the speaker is saying anyway. I estimate I soak in about 25% of what is said in a speech/presentation.

  • Dean McAdams says:

    Have PASSION and say what needs to be said. Please NO death by PowerPoint. I don’t speed date, I speed sex. Which leads me to my topic, speed enlightenment. At some point an authentic human being will realize that he/she must get down to the important business of full time meditation.

    Let the universe tell YOU what you are supposed to be doing with your talent.

  • M. Sean Fosmire says:

    Reminds me of speed dating.

  • Cardinale says:

    Ignite events are incredibly entertaining! I have been to several in both New Mexico and Oregon and some talks are great, some are bad but they are so fast paced it amazing. Put it on your calendar people and just show up, even if you only make the last half-hour you will still see about 3 different presentations.

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