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Email Scammers – Case Study NGR#1201FIFA

By August 7, 2003websites

As a student of modern literature I feel it is incumbent upon me to occasionally read some of the cutting edge writing that appears to me in the form of scam emails. As we all know, the seminal (some would say ‘ovular’) email scams featured stories of political intrigue and pleas from close relatives of deposed Nigerian dictators whose wealth was tied up in the revenue from oil production.

More recently, we are seeing some Liberian email pleas (which represents a cunning adaptation of the original form to take into account current geopolitical events). And along the way there have been other variations of the original Nigerian email scam, which other scholars of this intriguing literary form have commented on extensively. Hence, I will not do so here.

Today, I received a very interesting communication from a Dr. Cosmas Nibanugo, whose work I don’t believe I have previously encountered. In his cyber-missive he informs me that he is Deputy Secretary to the Nigerian Football Association, which is parent body of the World Youths Championship, and an affiliate of the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA). Apparently, there have been some financial irregularities within the FIFA organization etc…..

Well, I really can’t go on until I have read this fascinating document in more detail. But, meanwhile, if any of you receive similar correspondence from Dr. Nibanugo I suggest you study it closely. At least if you are interested in the modern form of storytelling.

But maybe you are not so inclined, which is okay too. Some people prefer John Grisham.

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