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Email from NY Times..

By August 31, 2008Uncategorized

I got this email from the NY Times:

A Call for Eyewitness Photos, Video and Text From Gulf Coast
With Hurricane Gustav fast approaching New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, is asking readers there to help us report on events by sending us eyewitness accounts of the preparations, the storm and its aftermath in photographs, video or text. Selected submissions may be published on The Lede, elsewhere on the Web site and possibly the newspaper.

TEXT Start writing your description of events in the comments field at the foot of this page. (Please note that this thread is not intended for general commentary and debate about the storm.)

PHOTOS Send an E-mail to with photographs attached or post them to your Flickr account using the keywords “newyorktimes” and “gustav.”

Be sure to let us know when and where the photograph was taken and what it depicts. Please also include your name, but if you would prefer not to be identified, let us know that as well.

VIDEO Please use the form below, and don’t forget to include crucial details about what you’ve captured, and also when and where.

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