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Eating healthier (and losing weight) the easy way

About two years ago I tried a radical “diet” called The Master Cleanse, which was, indeed, quite radical. Somehow I managed to complete the 10 day program, and that led to some major insights about my food intake, and how compulsive most of it was.

The Master Cleanse is interesting, and I’m glad I did it, but I’ll never do it again and I can’t recommend it to anyone who wants to make a lasting healthy change in their diet. It’s too radical, and too hard.

The other day I saw Kathy Freston on Charlie Rose, and she was talking about her new book The Lean, which is about how to make a gradual shift into healthier food choices. I liked what she had to say, and I was already aware (from my Master Cleanse experience) that my body doesn’t really want most of the junk that I tend to feed it.

So I bought the book and have started her 30 day program, which is easy and already is making me feel better. The first step is so easy, and yet so powerful. Weird how giving your body most of what it needs restores balance quickly.

I’ll let you know how I fare with the whole 30 day program, but I can see that if you just do the first 3 things over 3 days you’ll be making a significant shift. Did I mention how easy this program is? I’m all about making a good change that’s easy.

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