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E-discovery & Social Networking talk

By September 10, 2010law

I'll be speaking today at the Louisiana State Bar Association's CLE program at the Sheraton. I will be joining Craig Ball and Tom O'Connor for a 90 minute discussion of “Social Networking Litigation Perils.”

Increasingly people are using web services like Facebook and Twitter to have discussions online, and to post their personal information. What effect do these tools have on litigation? Plenty, because the more you say the more there is to use against you later on when you find yourself in a lawsuit. Ideally, people would be careful about what they say, or say very little about their personal lives (at least the stuff that can get them in trouble). But we don't live in an ideal world, so lawyers have to learn about these social networking services. There's a lot to learn, and more social networking perils tools are being created every day.

Here is a link to some online articles that I bookmarked on this topic, if you're interested.

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