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E-Discovery document review in plain English

How do you get electronic data into a format you can use for a quick and easy review? That step is called “processing the data,” and it can be expensive. What it involves means different things to different vendors: e.g. predictive coding, threading, deduping, denisting (sounds stuff Dr. John would say in a gris gris song, right?).

Very few attorneys really understand this kind of thing. But it’d be nice if someone (besides Dr. John) could explain it in plain English. If you have time on Tuesday, May 15th Tom O’Connor can explain it to you. At least to the point where you’ll have a fighting chance when you have to confer with an E-Discovery vendor.

I’ve done many CLE programs with Tom and he earns my highest rating for knowledge and trustworthiness. The lecture will be at the Launch Pad at 643 Magazine Street in New Orleans on May 15th from noon – 1 pm, and light lunch will be available. Space is limited, so RSVP to soon if you want to attend.

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