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Dreams vs. Distractions

By January 2, 2015January 11th, 2015Uncategorized

What’s the next thing you’re going to do?

Not the thing you’ll do tomorrow, or in ten minutes…

Right NOW.

What are you going to do?

The most important choice you’ll ever make is the one about what to do in the very next moment. It’s actually the only choice you have.

You can only make one choice at a time. So the next choice is the one that counts most.

Train yourself to take each next choice very seriously.

Pay attention to why you make choices, and to how your choices pan out.

Most people aren’t very clear about their choices.

Most people don’t see the vast importance in every single choice they make. They don’t see that their destiny is totally shaped by their choices.

Most people let others make choices for them.

They follow the herd, and accept the judgments of others. They let outside influences completely determine what they do.

They’re supposedly victims of circumstance.

Letting yourself be steered by the values, opinions, and judgments of others is a choice. And for many people it’s their default.

Why let other people have so much influence over your life?

When you die they won’t die with you.

They have their own moments of death.

Their choices are not relevant to your life.

So why follow the herd?

Why are we so cavalier about our choices? We assign most of them little value. We’re afraid to make bold choices.

We can’t even string together a series of small choices. That’s why we can’t accomplish anything bold.

We let a constant stream of little distractions shape our lives, so we have no energy to do anything meaningful…

Like pursue bold dreams.

We can’t create a daily regimen that allows us to leverage the power of small choices.

Those small choices would lead to amazing achievements. But we can’t see that.

Here’s the simple truth: If you’re easily distracted you have no leverage.

Sadly, many of us believe we have no power to create a life that we want. We believe that we can’t choose, or that the time isn’t ripe.

We believe it’s our duty to forfeit goals, or postpone them.

When you don’t practice seeking goals your ability to reach your goals weakens.

Most of us have let our goal-seeking abilities drastically weaken.

Yet we still have the power to choose to pursue our dreams.

Every new moment gives us that power.

The next choice you make is the one that matters most.

So, what’s it going to be?

The world’s distractions?

Or your dreams?

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