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Do you have time to touch the moon?

By July 19, 2007Uncategorized

Here is a passage from Understanding Our Mind, that appeared when I flipped it open to a random page:

Everyone had the right to enjoy the moon…but many of us do not have time to touch the moon.  The moon is closer to some people than to others.  We can create paradise or hell in our own minds.  What conditions do you need to be truly happy?  If those conditions are never realized, will you suffer for the rest of your life?  Or could you manage to be happy without them?  We have many conditions for happiness, but we rarely benefit from them.  Please write down some of the conditions for happiness that are available to you right now.

Could you organize your life so that you able to recognize them when they are present?  Try to arrange your life to make these conditions for happiness available.  Don’t ignore or destroy them.  When there is something you don’t like, how can you make it more acceptable.  Please reflect on these questions.

Yes, I can see that there’s a lot to reflect on.  And I can also see that there is a lot that I don’t see.  Sometimes the simplest questions reveal that the answers we really need are closer to us than we might imagine.  And, yet, those answers are somehow extremely elusive.

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