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Digital ID – It’s important and hard to understand

By October 15, 2003websites

Denise Howell is at Digital ID World, a conference about digital identity. As more of our transactions and communications are digitally based we acquire, whether we realize it or not, a ‘digital identity.’ The whole concept of Digital ID goes beyond what we conceive of in the physical world, mostly because –as with all analog-to-digital transformations– the digital world creates new paradigms for human interaction and behavior.

One facet of Digital ID that I’m keenly aware of is the identity I have through this weblog. People who don’t know me can seemingly learn a great deal about me simply by reading what I have to say. And, as my family members (who were just in town) tell me, people who already “know me” can learn about me by reading the weblog too. But, in reality, all of these people only know one aspect of me, which is manifest in a digital space. And I do things in that digital space that I could never do exactly the same way in physical space (think “hyperlinks” for example).

Anyway, Denise is the one who is in the best place to describe what sorts of theories are floating around about Digital ID, so just go read her stuff. What I just said about my weblog identity doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s implicated by the notion of Digital ID.

Security is one aspect of Digital ID that gets a lot of press attention.

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