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Damage to Houston from Hurricane Rita.

By September 29, 2005Uncategorized

2005_hurricane_rita_storm_damage_in_hous With all the news lately about Hurricane Katrina, we shouldn’t forget that Houston has had its share of devastating weather also.  Hurricane Rita’s effects will be felt in that city for a long time.

Meanwhile, back here in Louisiana our news desk has received word that the FBI has taken up residence at the Sigma Nu fraternity at LSU.  We’ve sent a camera crew out there to capture images, but in the meantime just use your imagination.  Start by picturing John Belushi as Field Agent Bluto.

You think I’m making this up don’t you?  And, how about this:  Indian outsourcing has been employed to handle Hurricane Rita calls.

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One Comment

  • Hey! The Sigma Nu Fraternity is one of the oldest and most principled student organizations around. Sigma Nu was founded at VMI as a protest by three cadets there who were appalled by the hazing that was meant to instill disipline and a sense of brotherhood among the “plebe” class. These three “brothers” forged a bond which still exsists among thousands of members around the world. Sigma Nu chapters are often seen at the top of their interfraternity acedemic and athletic competitions. They are School leaders and most conduct dry rushes (meaning no alcohol.)They also are some of the most community spirited young men around. They fund raise for many diverse charities.Some of our more prominent members include sport heroes ( I think Archie Manning was a member), Bob Barker of the Price is Right, James Dean ( he was a pledge before he quit school to seek fame and fortune in Hollywood) US Astronauts, Congressmen and Senators. Priests and Politicians. And they have at least one Blogger in their membership… That Lawyer Dude ZH (Tufts) 201.

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