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Daily Show Coverage of George Tenet’s resignation

If you get a chance to see the Daily Show clip of President Bush announcing CIA Director George Tenet’s resignation drop everything and do it immediately. The best part is Jon Stewart’s running commentary as Bush announces the resignation (click here for link to Daily Show archives —thanks Dave!).

Another funny bit is ‘Senior Intelligence Analyst’ Ed Helms’ report on why Tenet resigned: ‘because he got tired of sucking at his job’. Jon Stewart commented “well, he must have been doing something right because he was the second longest serving CIA director.” To which Helms responded, “Nah, the CIA’s credibility has never been lower than it is now Jon. In fact, crazy people have gotten to the point where they no longer believe that the CIA is implanting chips in their heads to listen to their dreams. And it’s a sad day for America when even our paranoid schizophrenics realize they don’t need to wear the aluminum foil hats anymore.”

Check out Lisa Rein’s site for timely Daily Show clips that don’t make it to the official website, and definitely check out this post about an apparent mild altercation between former Presidents Bush and Clinton. Wow! What’s that all about?

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