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By April 22, 2011Uncategorized

iPad Stylus – $24

If you have an iPad and want a nice stylus to write with in those applications that allow you to take notes, let me save you some time. The best styli (and I've tried lots of them) have a rubberized “point” that replicates the feel of real writing. And they produce nice writing.

When I found such a stylus I thought I had the perfect tool, but then I found I didn't carry it because it only worked with the iPad and I didn't always carry my iPad. Result: I didn't have it when I did have the iPad and need to take notes.

The answer? A stylus that also includes a pen so that I will benefit from always carrying it, but also have it available when I need to use it with my iPad. I'm sure there will be many such devices soon (please leave comments if you know of others), but for now my recommendation is the Targus 2-in-1 Stylus.

Car Parts by Internet is something I discovered in the Wall St. Journal. Looks like they do for car parts what Amazon did for books. But, while I might long to visit a bookstore and browse around, I never want to visit an auto parts dealer. If I can get an auto part for the lowest cost by simply ordering it on the internet, I'm all over that. Hopefully, I won't need auto parts (fingers crossed!), but if I do high-ho, high-ho it's off to I go.

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