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Cool lawyer websites

By February 21, 2006Uncategorized

At the most recent BlawgThink gathering (last November) that I attended in Chicago, I got to spend some time with a great fellow named Rob Hyndman, a lawyer from Toronto, Canada.  Rob and I have traded emails since then, and I now consider him a good friend.  Somehow, though, I never really spent time looking at his firm website: Rob is a solo lawyer and practices technology law.  Before starting out on his own, he practiced in New York, Budapest and Toronto with two of Canada’s largest law firms. He also acted as VP and General Counsel to Hotline Communications, one of the original P2P networking software companies. 

As I said, now he’s a solo lawyer. Check out his website and tell me if it doesn’t put to shame the websites that many large firms have. There is a lot to be said for being able to create a web presence without the drag coefficient of a marketing committee.  Naturally, he has a blog too. 

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