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Contract Law for Prima-Donna Professional Athletes

By March 1, 2004law, sports

Terrell Owens, the controversial wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, failed to file crucial paperwork that would have voided the last 3 years of his contract and allowed him to become a free agent. His blunder means that he will lose an economic edge, forfeiting it to the 49ers.

I love it. This is the guy who whipped out a Sharpies pen from his sock after scoring a touchdown and then proceeded to sign the football and then give it to someone in the stands. Joe Horn (the Saints’ receiver who hid a cellphone in the endzone bumper and retrieved it after scoring a touchdown) is a disciple of Owens, and no doubt he has other disciples.

Note to Owens and his disciples: the rules matter. Obviously, players like Owens (who care more about themselves than about their teams) don’t really care much about the rules. What poetic justice, though. Owens’ disregard of protocol and procedure winds up costing him control of his career. I hope he gets traded to Arizona; that would be complete justice.

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