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Congratulations to LSU – BCS National Champs

By January 5, 2004Uncategorized

Last night’s Sugar Bowl was a great game for Tiger fans. It’s too bad that only one of the two talented teams could win, but since I’m an LSU fan I’m not too disappointed. And even though Oklahoma didn’t win the game I have it on good authority that their fans made full use of the extensive party facilities in the French Quarter, so they have some good memories that they can take home (maybe). If you ever have a chance to see a Sugar Bowl or Super Bowl in New Orleans you have to take it no matter what the cost. This town is optimized for frolic and festive frenzy. Speaking of which, now it’s time to gear up for Mardi Gras which comes early this year (February 24th, I believe).

Meanwhile, if any of you legal eagles want to take a quick contract exam that involves a BSC issue head over to Professor Bainbridge’s classroom.

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