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Congrats to the Law Grads! Now get ready for the Bar Exam

By June 24, 2004Uncategorized

So, you’ve graduated. That’s nice. Doug Kern has some thoughts for you:

“With your J.D. degree in your case-briefing, note-taking hand, you now get to spend the summer cramming for that sixteen-hour, mind-numbing, cramp-inducing ordeal that all lawyers know and fear: the bar exam of your home state!

It’s hard to say which is dumber: the fact that your law school failed to prepare you adequately for the bar exam, or the fact that you have to take such an absurd test at all.”

Yes, I remember those days and I too have some advice: Play some golf. In fact bring your clubs to the bar review session and keep them in the back of the class. And when you are striding down the middle of a wide fairway of freshly mowed grass try to get a sense of perspective. Obviously you have to work on a lot of things and there is a lot to learn.

If I had to do it all over again I’d spend a lot more time working on my short game.

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