Computers are useless

According to popular legend, Pablo Picasso once said that “computers are useless because they only give you answers.”

The implication is that questions are more important than answers.

I don’t know if Picasso actually said that, but…

I know that asking good questions is vital. Especially for figuring out how to make important changes in your business, or in your personal life.

Good questions can clarify fuzzy thinking.

Good questions can expose flawed assumptions.

Which makes me wonder…

What assumptions are you making about your law practice that might be limiting its potential for growth?

What assumptions are you making about yourself that might be limiting your potential for greater success?

I ask because…

Apparently, we humans have a tendency to develop fixed mindsets that limit our ability to realize our full potential.

It’s something to think about, right?

And it’s definitely not something your computer can help you with.

Oh, and if you feel like you need help making your law practice run smoother I’d love to lend a hand.

I hope you found the above article helpful. If so you might appreciate my Solo & Small Firm Lawyers’ Guide to Working Smarter, where I explain how you can better use technology to radically improve your law practice (i.e. earn a good living doing more of the work you love, while also being able to enjoy more time off)