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CompUSA – Apple repair partnership (not okay in New Orleans)

By August 30, 2006Uncategorized

My MacBook that I ordered from Apple has a problem (related to the installation of Basecamp) so I had to send it back.  Apple sent me a box and I put the computer in the box and sent it back.  It came back to me in about 5 days.  Apple tried to fix the problem without wiping my hard drive, which I appreciate.  But it also wound up not completely fixing the problem.  So I called Apple and the tech guy, trying to be very helpful, suggested I simply bring the computer in to the local CompUSA.

He said that they would be able to install a new hard drive, or wipe it.  Presumably this would minimize the turn-around time in getting it fixed.  When I took it in to the Kenner store (by the airport) I was made to wait for a long time, even though there were people behind the counter not doing any work (i.e. just gossping).  Finally when I was able to speak to a techie he told me that he’d have to "send the computer into Apple."  I explained to him what the Apple tech told me, but I quickly determined that was a waste of time.  "Fine," I told him, "send the computer in."

He took my contact information and told me he’d call me when it was ready.  That as over a week ago, on August 23rd.  Today (August 30th) I got a call from CompUSA to tell me that they were about to ship the computer off to Apple.  WHAT?  I told the guy that if I had simply handled the problem myself (as I did the first time) I’d have the computer back already.  I told him not to bother to send it to Apple as this was obviously not a priority for them.  I told him I’d pick it up.

I’m not saying all CompUSAs are this incompetent, but I’d definitely avoid the one in Kenner, Louisiana.  The people that work there are not going to win any J.D. Powers awards, that’s for sure.  Unless they start giving out awards for sloth and gross incompetence.

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  • Tom says:

    Ernie, most everyone I know got to French Quarter Computer Service for Mac stuff. CompUSA’s closed and the Computer Shoppe might as well be.

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  • Aaron says:

    You read that on Gotlaw, Ray.

  • Sophmom says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve had this problem. I’ve done well with CompUSA here (in Atlanta), although the “genius desk” at the Apple Store is better. Apparently, Middle Son’s PowerBook healed itself (when it wouldn’t boot this summer). His exact words were, “It must have needed to be turned off for a couple of weeks.” My response was, “You must have been doing something wrong before.” :p

  • Ray says:

    Hey Ernie, we met at the LawTech 2 day seminar back in June, Im a friend of Brian E***’s. Anyway, I wanted to say that I proudly own an iMac G5 and a new MacBook and, although I don’t get to use them at the office, I spend a heckuva lot of time on them at home.

    I wouldn’t trust any retail store’s tech crew. I stopped going to retail places for computers several years ago and haven’t looked back.

    Did you see the article a few weeks back about the Geek Squadders knowing NOTHING about computers? Perhaps you covered it. I can’t recall.

  • Kinch says:

    CompUSA (Kenner) are the used car dealers of tech in my experience.

    I brought my old Mac to the Computer Shoppe many years ago and the problem as fixed. But I avoid CompUSA like the plague.

  • Donald Diamond says:

    The same thing happened to me with a Gateway that I bought from Compusa in White Plains with a protection policy. Tech support told me to call Gateway. Called Gateway and when I geve the automated telephone response my serial number, it would not put me through to tech support saying that the store where purchased is responsible for support.

    Called tech support and they said the store has the software necessary to fix the problem. Went to the store, they said they had to send it out and would take two weeks before they got if back.

    I bought a new laptop and am proceeding from that point. Will let you know what happens. As for me, I will never buy anything or have anything to do with Compusa.

  • Mike Murphy says:

    You’re definitely right; I’ve dealt with this CompUSA many times and they are stupid, lazy, and ignorant.

    I hope you get your Apple back soon.

  • Ernie: I’ve heard the Computer Shoppe in Metairie is pretty good with these sorts of things.

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