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Christmas Gift Recommendation – ‘The Beer Neck’

By December 10, 2003humor

Browsing through my news aggregator the other day I saw that my good friend Mike Pusateri over at CruftBox issued a ‘strong buy’ recommendation on a product called the Beer Neck. Based on Mike’s recommendation I decided to buy a couple to give out to my beer-drinking friends, and so I placed an order. Just like Mike, I got a personal call from CEO Curt Silbert, who has appeared on TV promoting his fine product (seriously, you have to click that last link).

Order yours today, and see if you get a personal call from Curt. He even has beer necks that hold cans, which will be big sellers here in New Orleans next Mardi Gras.

P.S. If you want a better practice, check out this Ultimate Guide.

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