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Cellphone Features Worth Hyping

By January 21, 2004websites

There’s a lot of hype about cellphones these days. The camera feature is okay, except when you don’t really want the camera. My Treo 600 has a camera that I’m not ever likely to use. No biggie, right? Well, actually it is sort of a problem because the fact that I have a camera in my cellphone means that I can’t take it to the Orleans Parish District Court. I’m sure that other places that otherwise allow cellphones will start banning the ones that have cameras. So I soon expect to see the phone manufacturers hyping non-camera models that won’t get confiscated.

Another big hype fest for cellphones is ‘text-messaging.’ This seems like something that pretty much only appeals to kids. Why would a somber adult want text messaging? Well, here’s one thing that might make it attractive even for people completely devoid of frivolity. According to this Gizmodo post “credit card companies in Eastern Europe have set up a system in which cardholders are automatically sent a text messages confirming every transaction, so that if anyone makes an unauthorized purchase you’ll be alerted instantaneously.”

Now that would be a useful thing for your cellphone to have, assuming that the text messaging doesn’t create its own can of security worms.

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