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Casual observation: Excuse me, I think I’ve been shot…

Picture_2I rarely watch local TV. If I do it’s a DVR recording so I can fast forward through the commercials and the crime reports. But, crime reports are at least 75% of the “news” so it’s rarely worth it fire up the DVR.

If I was interested in the crime reports I’d read the email blasts that I get from the local police station. Here’s today’s offering:

Shooting – 9000 blk Edinburgh

The victim stated he entered a friend’s vehicle to drive to the store

when he heard gunshots. The victim stated he then observed he had

been shot. The victim stated he jumped from the vehicle and fled for

his safety. The victim stated he did not see any perpetrator or


Aggravated Battery by Shooting – Olive & Hollygrove

On Saturday, 07/05/2008 at about 3:24 a.m., the victim and his cousin

had stopped at the intersection of Olive and Hollygrove Streets.

According to the victim, he heard several shots in the area and drove

off. While driving from the location the victim noticed that he had

been shot in the left side of the hip. The victim’s cousin then

transported him to Tulane Hospital.

Aggravated Battery by Shooting – 9000 Block of Edinburgh

The victim stated he had entered a friend’s vehicle to drive to the

store when he heard several gunshots. Realizing that he had been

wounded he fled the area for his safety. The victim was unable or

unwilling to describe the suspect.

Aggravated Battery by Shooting – Milan & S Tonti

On Saturday, 07/05/2008 at about 11:20 p.m., the victims were at the

intersection of Milan Street and South Tonti Street. The victims

reported hearing several shots and observed that the driver was struck

in the face and the rear driver’s side passenger was also struck in

the right hand.

Perhaps we should be broadcasting Bill Cosby’s speech at this year’s Essence Festival instead of the local crime reports. Sadly, there are people who regard shooting as normal behavior. Then again, maybe it is in New Orleans.

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  • Lou Giansante says:

    In Philadelphia, before most people go out to certain neighborhoods in North and West Philly, they consult the “gunshot” map. This tells you where the 350+ gunshot killings and thousands of major gunshot incidents are clustered. Surprisingly, or maybe not, there is a fairly tight pattern. One of my favorite spots to get paella is surrounded by bright green markers of death. Go figure.

  • Ray Ward says:

    Who says Louisiana was a French colony? Apparently we’re more British than we care to admit — stiff upper lip and all. (“Oh dear, I must excuse myself; it seems as if I’ve been shot. Say, old chap, would you happen to have a tourniquet?”)

    You must tell us how to subscribe to these e-mail blasts.

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