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By March 24, 2008Uncategorized

Picture_2_2Today, James Carville refused to apologize for calling Bill Richardson a ‘Judas’ because he endorsed Obama. Richardson, is a former Clinton cabinet member. Of course, he’s not the only former person with close ties to the Clintons to endorse Obama, but he’s one of the highest profile ones. Not that it makes any difference.

And not that this makes any difference either, but I think that Carville is a nattering nabob— a sanctimonious one at that. But, that said, I hope his candidate wins the democratic nomination. I say that even though I much prefer Barack Obama.

Why? Well, first of all I don’t believe that anyone is sufficiently qualified to deal with the economic mess that is just now beginning to unfold. Whoever is president for the next four years is going to have to make some tough choices. And regardless of whether they take difficult (and unpopular) positions, or simply engage in mindless cheerleading like George W. Bush, the next president probably won’t serve a second term. Not unless the economic mess somehow gets a lot better in the next few years. I wouldn’t wish that political crucible on anyone, even though I think Obama is capable of handling it.

In other words, the biggest problem isn’t the red phone ringing at 3 am, it’s the economy (stupid). Sure, let Hillary or McCain have a whack at that problem. And then four years from now when natural (but painful) economic rebalancing has occurred, we can elect a leader that will improve our international relations as well as keep our economy from going into a tailspin. Obama will still be around; he’ll be experienced and electable.

And where will James Carville be? Hard to say, but maybe he will have become the host of an inane reality TV show.

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  • Frolic says:

    Now that it’s public, I can say that James will be on Palmer Avenue. Ernie, you shouldn’t be insulting your new neighbor. Ha, ha, ha.

    Guess he figures that Washington won’t need him.

  • Frolic says:

    “And where will James Carville be?”

    Oh, I know, I know, I know…but I can’t say. Closer than you think, that’s for sure.

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