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Calling in-house counsel – who might want to blog

By March 11, 2010Uncategorized

Pete Dosik, a VP & Deputy General Counsel with Cajun Operating Company (d/b/a Church's Chicken), is starting up The In-House Blawg, written by and for in-house lawyers. Pete needs to find other in-house attorneys to share writing duties for the blog. 

The goal is to cover anything of interest to in-house lawyers, from practical career tips to complaining about outrageous outside counsel fees. Outside counsel will no doubt read the blog, and will be discussed as well.

In return for a minimal commitment (one blog post per week, perhaps?), Pete's fellow in-house co-bloggers can express their professional opinions, grow their legal networks, and develop reputations as world-renowned experts in the field of in-house lawyering. 

Any interested in-house attorneys should contact Pete at

P.S. If you want a practice optimized for remote work & virtual collaboration, get this 24-page guide.


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