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Cafe Reconcile – unknown New Orleans eatery

By January 16, 2006Uncategorized

Associated Press: "The little restaurant in an old store serves up some of the city’s finest cuisine, but it isn’t listed on the many tour guides that steer gourmets to the likes of Galatoire’s or Commander’s Palace. "

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  • slhno says:

    Ay uaxe’s view that you should have security when eating lunch at the cafe is a little over the top. Over the last several years, I have had lunch at the cafe regularly, alone and with others, with no issue. I’ve not heard of anyone having problems when there for lunch. I wouldn’t go there at night alone, but then again the restaurant is not open for dinner unless it is for a fund-raiser. It’s great easy place to catch lunch. Park on Oretha Castle Haley (formerly Dryades). It is patrolled regularly by police whose headquarters are right around the corner and who are often having lunch there as well.

  • ay uaxe says:

    Cafe Reconcile is a cool institution, but in a terrible location. While it’s currently the safest it’s ever been, this area is decidedly unsavory, if not downright dangerous. Go with a group, preferably with holders of concealed carry permits, and contribute to the recovery of individuals who are learning to work in N.O.’s service and hospitality industry through Cafe Reconcile. Sometimes they have dining experience and etiquette classes mixed with nice meals for underprivileged children. That, too, can be a mix of poignant, beautiful and uplifting images and bitter, enfuriatingly bad, abusive behaviors, but again, worth the experience, so long as you have some security.

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