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Bye Bye Blackberry

By January 21, 2004web-tech

I had lunch yesterday with my Mac-loving and techno-wizard friend Jeff Richardson, and he was raving about his new E-mail device. His large law firm recently got rid of their Blackberries for something that is called the ‘Good G100.’ It has a more compact form factor than the Blackberry, as this article illustrates.

Jeff was very pleased with his device and touted its ability to constantly synchronize with the main server. That means that if he reads an E-mail on his device and then deletes it the ‘original’ E-mail is also deleted. I suppose some people might regard this as an undesirable thing, but it strike me as the optimal practice.

Apparently, Jeff’s law firm isn’t the only one that is ditching Blackberry in favor of the Good product. This article talks about one firm’s reason for making the change. Apparently, the Good is cheaper to operate than the Blackberry, or Crackberry as it is often derisively termed.

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