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Brownsville Airport has free Wi-Fi

How amazing is this?  The quaint little airport in Brownsville has free Wi-Fi, and it looks like it’s part of a free citywide Wi-Fi service.  This airport has only one gate, and is serviced by Continental ExpressJets (i.e. if you have a seat assignment higher than 14 you have to hold on the tailfin during flight).  The planes don’t have room for wheel luggage so you have to gate-check them.  And yet the Brownsville airport has free Wi-Fi. Truly astonishing.

So I’m sitting here waiting to take a plane to Houston doing some work and catching up on emails.  When I get to Houston I’ll transfer to another plane that will take me back to New Orleans, a city where the government can’t even pick up the debris on Canal Street or make the traffic lights work in the part of the city that is mostly inhabited.  Sigh.

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