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Breaking News: The Early Egyptians were Bloggers

By August 11, 2003politics

Political Wire is reporting that Democratic presidential candidate Bob Graham and his wife have started a weblog.

A lot of the candidates are just discovering blogging, but of course they have to make it seem like they have actually known about it for awhile. Thus, according to the banner on his site, Graham claims to be a long-time blogger: “For over 30 years, Senator Graham has kept a log of all his daily activities.”

Okay, so apparently cuneiform tablets were actually primitive websites. Give me a break.

P.S. If you want a better practice, start using the 80/20 Principle.


  • Hey Ernie! Is this permanent for you, or you just “test driving”? Looks great! I’m sure you’ll give us some feedback after you tinker a little more.

    Warmest regards,


  • Mike says:

    Peter Merholz might have a word to say about protoblogging.

  • Graham’s a great guy, incredibly hard working and smart, like Larry, living here in the Sunshine State, we have had, and used tohave some great politicians, i.e. Graham, Chiles and Askew.

    But boy have times changed on the state level!

  • Nice ‘Pad, Ernie!

    Graham, a senator from my great state of Florida, really has kept a written journal as he describes. Some people think he is incredibly eccentric because he writes down *everything*. I just think he’s going to write a kick ass memoir with lots of goodies. Graham has been in politics for a long time, including a stint as governor of the Sunshine State.

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