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Book Recommendation – The Anonymous Lawyer

Jeremy Blachman’s new book, The Anonymous Lawyer, is friggin’ hysterical.  If you don’t laugh out loud when reading this book then you (1) haven’t been in the legal profession long enough to get jaded, or (2) you are only pretending to read the book while thinking about something else (i.e., why you ever agreed to become an associate in a 500 lawyer firm).

Seriously, if you have a sense of humor and an interest in the law, then get this book and read it.  But read it somewhere that you don’t mind making a complete fool out of yourself as you snort and chuckle.  Last warning: you won’t be able to put it down so don’t bring it with you to work.

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One Comment

  • LW says:

    Great.. I’m working on my third espresso and was all setto run to the bookstore and get Anonymous Lawyer soI could read it on the train this morning.. it isn’treleased for another three weeks. I hate waiting. More thanthat, I hate not being sent an advance copy!

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