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Bob Schneider – Come with me tonight

By August 18, 2006Uncategorized

I’ve decided when I learn a new song on guitar I’m going to put the information where I know I can get to it easily and since my blog has become a reliable storage place I’m putting it here.  And while I’m storing it for myself I can put it up for other people in case they want to figure the song out too.  I really like this song a lot because the chords are simple and so are the lyrics.  And yet if you listen to the song it’s got a bittersweet feel that’s really stirring.

Come With Me Tonight – by Bob Schneider

The song is basically the four chords in the intro, but with the D note kept in place throughout.  There is a break that I haven’t figured out yet, but it seems pretty easy.  I’ll update this when I figure it out, but if anyone else can get it then by all means post a comment.

[3x intro – Em – G – C – D]

Oh, there’s Johnny he’s so sweet
He’s booger sugar and devil’s meat
And hard as boardwalk bubblegum
And smooth as one fifty one

But hey hey it’s all right
I don’t mind I won’t fight 
Hey hey, its all right
Cause baby you can come, with me tonight

Oh there’s Larry he’s alright
He’s a walking stick of lit dynamite
Always gets it wrong
His heart’s as soft as Chicken-bone


We can lose ourselves
Not find our way back home
Till the whole world feels just like a Saturday night
Without a care in the world
Without a net underneath us
Floating through the air
High as a kite

Hey hey, my my
You’re as pretty as the big blue sky
Hey hey it’s alright
Cause baby you can come, with me tonight

Oh and there’s Barry
He’s okay
He might even find himself one of these days
With his diamonds and cocaine
And his "honey I won’t ever do that again’s”

But hey its all right
I don’t mind and I won’t fight
Hey hey, it’s all right
Cause baby you can come, with me tonight

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