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Bluetooth gives some people a toothache

By May 14, 2004websites

Thanks to my friend Buzz for the pointer to this article by Rich Luhr, which is quite critical of the wireless protocol known as Bluetooth:

“Everyone who cares knows that Bluetooth has been the subject of a massive hype-and-bust cycle typical of many new technologies…People figured that somehow you would just drop a Bluetooth chip into your dishwasher and it would spontaneously sing and dance…But these expectations were unrealistic because they glossed over the details. One key detail was the need for supporting technologies, namely software. Another overlooked detail was that the cost of Bluetooth—when mandatory supporting technologies were factored in—could never compete with simple wires in many applications.

Personally, I like Bluetooth and I hope it finds more application. If it’s inherently insecure that could be a problem, but I don’t think any technology is ‘inherently insecure.’ Unless you count human beings as a form of technology.

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