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Blogging the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan

By September 21, 2004Uncategorized

The Pensacola News Journal is doing an amazing job of posting information about the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan to their website. They are also struggling to answer E-mail questions from people who evacuated the area and want to know about the status of their homes. Randy Hammer, the Executive Editor of the PNJ has pledged to “to run as many aerial photographs of neighborhoods as we can. I’ve told the online staff and photographers that our goal is to post every photograph of a damaged home and neighborhood that we take.” Oh, and you will note that the linked page is “powered by Blogger.”

Looks like the mainstream press knows how to make use of blogs when it makes sense. Kudos to Randy Hammer and the Pensacola News Journal. If you want to get a sense of what horrific damage the storm surge from a hurricane can do check out the pictures of the devastation.

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