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Blawg for Summer Associates or Young Associates?

By March 17, 2004Uncategorized

I got an E-mail asking me if I knew of “a blawg for summer or young associates, where young attorneys can discuss their stories, feelings about work and/or where partners can lend advice to inexperienced associates.” I think that there are several good weblogs by young associates, such as Stay of Execution and Unbillable Hours. For the perspective of the law student, I would point to Sugar Mr. Poons and A Mad Tea Party (the latter doesn’t post as much as she used to).

But I don’t know of any blawgs specifically devoted to informing the Summer Associate. Any other blawgers out there care to lend some enlightenment? I’ve enabled comments so leave your suggestions in the comments section for the benefit of all

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  • TPB, Esq. says:

    Sure it would be healthy for summers to read my site? j/k Thanks for the link.

    I’d add My Shingle (which has great practice tips) and Inter Alia to that list. Might as well give them something useful.

  • Andrew says:

    They’re a bit more anarchic than a blog, but the Greedy Associates message boards may be useful for the summer associate-to-be…

  • Mr. Poon says:

    Well, I would keep an eye on some of those “this is my life in law school” blogs written by current 2Ls, as many of them will be going off to firms.

    I appreciate the endorsement, though!

  • alice says:

    Yeah, I’ve been busy 🙂 [that smiley is sheepish]. I can’t say that I’ve seen a weblog devoted entirely to the summer associate and his trials and travails. Toby is certainly more likely to know more than I. I’ve a month or so of pure unadulterated hell; after that, I may be able to post more frequently.

    By the way, something about the comment box is screwy — it extends into (and under) your blogroll.

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