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Blackout!!! – Breaking News: normal people cope while the press completely panics

By August 15, 2003web-tech

The most amazing thing about a massive catastrophe like the blackout is how smoothly people transition into dealing it. I know, that’s not exciting news. Which is why the press doesn’t focus as much on that angle. I wish more press coverage was like Lilek’s article. So go read that and then come back here so I can show you one last thing.

Okay, here it is. The other interesting thing besides how easily people cope with a sudden disaster is how some things that you would think are far removed (and therefore completely insulated) from the tragedy don’t fare so well. For example, even though the New York Times website is up and runnning, the New Orleans Times Picayune site (which is called is down and has only a barebones page up.

Yeah, I know. The server that hosts their page is probably connected to a power grid in the middle of Blackout Central. But, still, isn’t it ironic? The New York Times website is up and the New Orleans paper’s site is down.

Just more proof that the spatial and non-spatial worlds are connected in unusual ways.

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One Comment

  • Thomas Page says:

    In what way did the press “completely panic”? Rather than seeing the press panic, I saw a newspaper sitting on my porch the next morning, while the entire city was shut down. Seems to me the press buckled down and did its job, like it usually does.

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