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Billy Tauzin to head MPAA?

By November 17, 2003Louisiana Lawyers

The L.A. Times is reporting that Jack Valenti will step down as head of the Motion Picture Association of America in January. Rumored to take the 82 year old Valenti’s spot is Louisiana Republican Congressman Billy Tauzin.

Perhaps Tauzin won’t be Louisiana’s only member of Congress to leave government for a lucrative lobbying career. The recent gubernatorial win by Kathleen Blanco means we’ll get to see if the rumors about Senator John Breaux stepping down will come true. The rumor was that Breaux, a Democrat, would resign if Blanco won, which would give her the opportunity to pick an interim senator to fill Breaux’s term (and of course she’d pick a Democrat like representative Chris Johns to give him a leg up when the senate elections were ultimately held).

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