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Bill the homeless guy

By August 31, 2005Uncategorized

For the past few months a guy named Bill has been living in a beat up old minivan parked in front of my dad’s condo, right by the levee that runs along the Mississippi River.  People had taken to giving him food and supplies.  When the hurricane hit my friend Becky (who had been living in the condo) wondered about Bill and how he would survive.  We thought of this after we had sealed ourselves in and after the wind had started, and we hoped he had moved his car and gotten to a safe location.

Turns out he hadn’t moved his car at all.  But when the storm was over we looked and saw the car exactly where it always was.  Unscathed.  We talked to Bill and tried to figure out where he had ridden out the storm; he wasn’t really able to articulate what he had done, but apparently he didn’t sit in his car.  God only knows where he went. 

When we left town, we left him with all the food and supplies we could carry to him.  He was watching a battery powered TV and was stunned by the devastation.  But he didn’t want to leave ‘his home’ by the levee.  I wonder what will become of Bill.  I hope he makes it, but I’m not confident.

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  • is the homelessness search engine & poverty portal where you can find resources by state or custom query. Please give this web address to panhandlers and homeless people (they can use free computer/internet at the library). Also, please submit any homeless related websites/URLs so that others may find the help that they need. is the disaster search engine (sometimes people are left homless after natural disaster, war, poverty or house fires).

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