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Beware who you trust

By February 27, 2016March 7th, 2016wisdom, zen / spirituality

Beware of who you trust

If someone mistrusts people generally, they won’t trust you.

And you shouldn’t trust them.

This is a simple observation that most people have no trouble understanding. I certainly didn’t.

But there was something more important that I didn’t understand…

Namely, how to recognize the people that have a general mistrust of others.

After many months of meditation and mindfulness, I’ve become hyperaware of a few people in my life that don’t deserve my trust.

So, I guess not everything that results from practicing meditation is puppy dogs and roses.

Obviously, you want to see the best in people. Meditation definitely helps you do that.

But meditation also helps you see things as they are. And not everyone in your life is trustworthy—sometimes not even people that are close to you.

I believe that people can change and redeem themselves. And many times they do.

But I don’t blindly expect that to happen.

I’m realistic. And I’m compassionate.

But most of all, I’m aware.

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