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Belly up to the Bar – a place to talk about the law

By February 10, 2005Uncategorized

Al Robert’s site Naked Ownership is hosting Belly Up to the Bar, a weekly roundup of interesting legal discussions that are occuring in the blawgosphere.  Such as: is there a misunderstanding about what ‘zealous representation’ is to the point that it is harming the profession?  Don’t waste anymore time here, go Belly Up To The BarBut wait!

Also of interest is a new blog on Antitrust law.  One thing that is interesting about it is that it is published by a large law firm, Sheppard Mullin.  I agree with the editor of Prism Legal that blogging by law firms is a ‘no brainer.’

P.S. If you want a better practice, use the 80/20 Principle to start creating radical leverage and massive ROI.
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