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Banning Photos in Subways

By June 7, 2004law practice

As you can tell from the image banner at the top of this weblog, I like subway photos (the one in the banner was taken in Paris). The trick to getting a cool photo in a subway is to set your camera shutter speed on 1/15th of a second and steady the camera against a pole while you take the picture (with the subway moving, of course). The slow shutter speed is what allows the train’s movement to be captured. Better hurry, if you want to try this in New York though.

The NYC Subway authorities are contemplating banning all photography in subways. Guess what the rationale is? If you said ‘terrorism’ then you’ve earned a gold star that you can stick on your forehead. If you are a NYC subway authority then you should get fitted for a ‘dunce cap.’

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