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ATM Mode – Step #3: Holiday parties

Picture_13As part of the ongoing lecture series on minimalism, I now offer a provocative idea about how to carry less stuff to the next beach party or barbeque. How much less stuff can you carry to such an event? After all you’ll probably showing up in just a T-Shirt, shorts and sandals (and the stuff you carry in your pocket).

Well what happens if you decide to drink beer? (Which hopefully the host is providing in bottles for maximum refreshment). You’ll probably have to either bring a bottle opener or keep going back to the kitchen to open your beers. But not if you own a pair of Reef Fanning Sandals ($49), which come with bottle openers on the bottom of the soles. Trust me, nothing is more minimalistically cool than reaching down and casually opening your beer with your sandal.

Pick up a pair and try it out this holiday season!

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  • LatinTeacher says:

    I have had a pair of these for a few years now. They are great! We used them just yesterday at a crawfish boil (in JULY!) to open beers all afternoon. Anyone worried about “contamination” probably should drinking from class because every opener has got something left over on it from somewhere. Is it pushing the edge of gross? Sure. But dang, that ring is cool.

    Also, the Reef folks also make flip flops with flasks in the heel. The seal on mine went bad after two uses.

  • Aaron says:

    I see serious issues with opening a bottle with the bottom of your shoe and then putting your lips on that bottle to drink it, or even pouring the liquid out of the bottle into something else. The potential contamination is probably at a higher risk of happening than not happening, especially in a locale where you’re drinking outside with strangers. Neat, but fatally flawed idea.

    Better idea, more convenient, and can be worn all the time, not just when it’s warm and you’re dressing casually, the “ring thing”:

  • bp says:

    I have a pair of those reef sandals, and someone at Jazz Fest last yearasked me for a bottle opening. I cheerily reached for my sandal, only tothink how odd — and gross — it is to have some stranger’s foot openingmy beer. At least this particular drinker didn’t seem bothered bymy feet near his beer.

  • Robert says:

    I expect to see you at Jazz Fest in around 2 years, wearing nothing but sandals and some kind of thong that enables rss feeds.


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