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Are we morons? Apparently, our “leaders” think so.

By July 29, 2011Uncategorized

NBC news's Chuck Todd said tonight that there isn't that much difference between the Republican and Democratic proposals. The problem, he says, is that the Republicans want to have the next debt vote showdown right before the next elections. Okay, I get why they want that. I don't see how that helps the country, especially if this debt vote showdown is a preview of the sort of brinksmanship that will ensue next time. But I get the motivation. And I don't doubt that it's a major factor in the Republicans strategy.

I've given up on politics as a useful way to bring about meaningful change. Politicians and lobbyists are now too good at calculating every permutation of self-interest. And like obsessive teen-hackers, they spend all their time watching polls and running computer simulations.

The real world isn't even something they know how to pay attention to anymore.

I hope that Boehner and his group keep delaying things until it becomes obvious to everyone that what they really want is for the Democrats to be in the toughest possible position during the next elections. And I hope that our credit rating gets downgraded because of a delay in reaching a political deal.

The only time the politicians seem to get nervous is when average people feel pain, and start railing out. So, don't misunderstand why I say I hope our rating gets downgraded and we suffer as a result.

Obviously, I don't hope this for the sake our country. I hope for this because it seems like we still need to learn a lesson about following leaders who only think look for parochial, short-term “solutions.”

The level of political discourse in our country is infantile. Politicians think we're ill-informed and easily beguiled. And, as much as I hate to admit it, they're right.

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  • Steve Weaver says:

    Agreed. However I don’t think either party is acting from a what is best for Americans position. We are being “governed” by ineffectual extremists. And as naive as it might sound, this morning my position is not to vote for any incumbents. Yes, some good ones might get washed out with such broad stroke solution – but better that they be the collateral damage than the country.


  • Politics has become all about keeping their job; not about doing their job.

    All the wrangling and posturing is purely for the benefit of their party and they don’t much care what it does to average Americans. It’s disgusting, it truly is.

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