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Apple says “Think Different” – What’s Windows’ ideal tagline?

By October 23, 2004Uncategorized

So my oldest daughter and I bop into a PJ’s Coffee shop (a New Orleans company) to get some coffee. I’ve noticed that lately most of the PJ’s are offering free Wi-Fi, so we each bring in our laptops. I open up my Apple Powerbook and after about 20 seconds it pops up with a nice blue dialogue box that says “None of your trusted wireless networks was found. Do you want to join the wireless network called ‘PJ’s Coffee’?” I click ‘yes’ and tell it to remember that in the future as a ‘trusted network.’

My daughter pops open her brand new HP laptop loaded with Windows XP, which her school required her to buy because her school has a wireless network and believes in integrating technology into education (music to my ears, right?). Anyway, she starts fiddling around with the computer in a quiet but determined way. She’s pretty tech savvy for more reasons than just that she hangs around with me. After about a minute she mutters “okay, that isn’t working.” I ask if she’s having a problem connecting to the Internet and she says, “Yeah, but that’s okay. I’ll just do it the hard way.”

There you have it; the motto for Windows users: “I’ll just do it the hard way.”

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